The first post on this blog

I am giving into peer pressure and starting a blog. Okay I wouldn’t really call it peer pressure, more like superior pressure? What do I mean? I mean that at at every career conference or completely unrelated to careers but secretly everyone is there to network panel discussion the message has come through loud a clear. You simply must be blogging. Okay I will! I will illuminate the library world with my brilliant and incisive ideas about the big issues surely. Perhaps I will only post mundane and hackneyed badly thought out musings on obscure topics. I predict a little from column A and a lot from column B. Also I will probably review things, because it is fun and satisfying. One more thing, the title of this is supposed to be a reference to Coming of Age in Samoa and which I have probably botched. I thought it fit because I was pretty much raised in the library, and have either worked or volunteered or interned in a library since time immemorial (at least to me). However the Blog will not be about that, it is about the Future! Also it was the best title I could think of in 20 minutes (more like an hour but I said 20 minutes so as to not make it seem like I scoured my bookshelf and Wikipedia looking for something to make a bad pun with).

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3 thoughts on “The first post on this blog

  1. Kwon says:

    “Coming of age in the library” sounds like making out in the stacks.

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